We Are The Leit Group Financial Consulting Firm

We provide the greatest degree of care as a fee-based fiduciary and Certified Financial PlannerTM (CFP®).

We never accept commissions or incentive payments of any type in order to align our interests with those of our clients.

The only thing that surpasses our financial competence is our commitment to you.

Professional Approach

Tailored advice from a trained professional.

Fee-based consulting indicates that we are paid solely by you, and not by investment funds or insurance companies.

Why is it essential that we labour just for a fee?

Because you know that our recommendations are not influenced by organizations who pay us commissions to sell you financial goods, you can rely on our guidance (which is, unfortunately, a very common problem in our industry).

Financial Expert

The most beneficial life advice.

As fiduciaries, we are devoted to putting your interests first by providing you with the most appropriate advice for your particular circumstances.

Not every financial counsellor prioritizes your needs.

No, unfortunately. Only firms that are registered as investment advisors (RIAs) are legally required to act as fiduciaries. We are pleased to be an independent registered investment advisor.

Financial Planning Certification for Thinking Leadership.

CFP® is the gold standard for financial advisors.

We are pleased to be among the CFP®-certified financial planners.

The CFP® certification not only denotes a high degree of experience in financial planning but also assures you that the planner complies with the CFP Board’s Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct.

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